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To run in the Romanian parliamentary elections of December 9, 2012?

Prof. Florin I. Bojor

Prof. Florin I. Bojor

Dear friends, my public and private preparation are for the priesthood. I think the work in public space is the evangelical training to get me to the priesthood. Between public space management and theology I see continuity, because the salvation is gained in the world, and the Christians are living in the world and respond to the final judgment of what they done in the world and with the world.

Therefore, to prepare this mission pre priesthood in public I studied: theology (in Cluj and Barcelona), philosophy (Barcelona), and a year of economics. I got involved in building the first and the only Romanian Party from Spain, PIRUM, who presented at the local elections in May 2011 like the first party of immigrants from Spanish history who participate in the electoral process; I opened the Barcelona Romanian Cultural Centre, Casa Romania in Catalonia; I tried to join the Diaspora organizations in the Movement of Romanians in Europe, MRE; I worked in all sectors (tourism, construction, transport, health, industry, services, media, etc..); I analyzed the existing regional systems and I made a model of regionalization (The Bojor regionalization); and for two years I returned to Romania to enter in the Romanian education and thinking to preach: the Christian postmodernity.

Now, as independent of any political party from Romania, with energy and thirst for change the mentality and system of Romania, I´m thinking to run in the Bistrita Electoral College for the parliamentary elections of December 9, 2012 in the Bistrita Electoral College.

The goal of the candidacy is to bring into the public discussion the Christian model life and public space governance. It goes without saying that it is difficult to fight with the political party structures, coagulated around lust for wealth and power as the supreme goal of life, and acting contrary to the Christian morality.

Analyzing pragmatic and realistic, my independent electoral success is extremely low, but bringing the social doctrine of the Church of Christ and the Christian values into the public debate ​​are a requirement of my consciousness to hope for the priesthood.

Therefore, I appeal to all people, Christians and non-Christians, who are interested in the values of the Christian system to raise into the public’s the need of the moral credibility for the administrators of the public space, and if my application with a Gospel message is considered appropriate to involved them self in organizing the campaign to collect signatures and elections for preaching the Christianity public values ​​using the independent application mechanism for the Romanian Parliament!

Thank you very much!

Prof. Florin I. Bojor