Acad. Nicolae Dabija – Orthodox Christian catechist

On July 15, 2018 the Bessarabian writer Nicolae Dabija will celebrate the beautiful age of 70 years and for this reason we want to honor him through an article devoted to the catechetical activity of the poet, writer, historian, politician and Romanian academician.

All the literary work of the writer Nicolae Dabija is built on two columns that represents the creative substance in the mind and soul of the Romanian writer: the national Romanian believe and the Christianity. From here, Nicolae Dabija takes the energy to become a Christian master, quality that is explained in an exclusive interview.

Nicolae Dabija is a Christian writer in the same time through the principles that he exposes and through his convictions, because he believes that “every word has an angelic power, and without this angelical power, all of our books are dead.” and in the same time that “any writer must be a master of the good, to propagate the good”.

The following books are translated in English: „Photographer of lightning” (USA, 2001) and „Blackbird Once Wild, Now Tame” (USA, 2003).

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nicolae Dabija!

Prof. Florin I. Bojor

About Florin Ioan Bojor

teolog, filosof, traducator, jurnalist si politician roman. teólogo, filósofo, traductor, periodista y político rumano. theologian, philosopher, translator, journalist and politician Romanian.

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