Thanks for Condolences!

Ioan Bojor

Ioan Bojor

Four months have passed since my father John Bojor died. Only now I found the strength to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for yours messages, thoughts and consolation.

Any expected or unexpected departure of any person and especially a parent leaves into the family a gap. A depth that draws itself deep thoughts, memories, regrets and a lot of love.  A depth of existence that condenses time and space.

In this situation you can best see the need for faith in the resurrection and the reality response that Jesus Christ, the Christian God offers. If I wouldn’t believe and expect „the resurrection of the dead and the eternal life” I do not know how I would explain the meaning of my life.

Until then remains the thread of love translated into the prayer for those who left, by which we pour into eternity and we return to our God. So long, my father! See you soon, my husband!

Prof. Florin Ioan, Florina Simona and Garofita BOJOR

About Florin Ioan Bojor

teolog, filosof, traducator, jurnalist si politician roman. teólogo, filósofo, traductor, periodista y político rumano. theologian, philosopher, translator, journalist and politician Romanian.

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