The funeral of Ioan Bojor

Ioan Bojor
Ioan Bojor

Ioan Bojor, 59 years old died in an accident at work in Spain.

On 24 January 2012, at 10:30, in a work accident in Spain (Cistella, Catalonia), my father, John Bojor, at the aged of 59 years died. Sunday he will be repatriated to Romania in Bistrita, Transylvania, in the city where he lived with his family.

It was a family man and he helped his family with all labor and love. In the public plan, he was a founding member of several Romanian Diaspora Organizations: Romanian Political Party from Spain, PIRUM; The Romanian House From Catalonia – the Romanian Cultural Centre in Barcelona, The Romanian – Catalan Cultural Association, the Movement of the Romanians in Europe, MRE.

For me, my father meant the person with who I dreamed most, strengthening me with all he could in the crucial moments of my life: when I started the way to be a priest and I was disappointed that could not sing, when I went to study in Spain, when I did the Romanian – Catalan / Catalan – Romanian Dictionary, when I started my political and cultural way, and continue the road to the priesthood…

Ioan Bojor’s funeral will take place Tuesday, 7 of February 2012, at the Municipal Chapel in Bistrita, at 13:00. All our relatives and friends are expected at the funeral!

God forgive him and forgive him too!

Prof. Florin I. Bojor


About Florin Ioan Bojor

teolog, filosof, traducator, jurnalist si politician roman. teólogo, filósofo, traductor, periodista y político rumano. theologian, philosopher, translator, journalist and politician Romanian.

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