Transylvania International Club Presentation

The Transylvania International Club has opened!
Transylvania International Club Presentation

The Transylvania International Club has opened!

The club’s celebration was held Friday, 28 of October 2011, at the House of Culture (the Municipal Cultural Center „George Coşbuc”) in Bistrita. The Conference and the presentation show was performed by:

Prof. Dr. Agustí Boadas Llavat, philosophy and theology professor, University of Barcelona

Archpriest Alexandru Vidican on behalf of P.S. Vasile Somesanul, Bishop Vicar, Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj

Indrei Ratiu Ratiu, President of the Ratiu Center for Democracy

Dr. Dorel Cosma, Director, Municipal Cultural Center George Coşbuc from Bistrita

Prof. Elena Cîmpan, President of the Connections Literary Society

Musical pieces: Rares Boncea, Abigail Rus, Nicoleta Burduhos, Andrada Băieşiu.

The initiators of the Transylvania International Club are Prof. Florin I. Bojor (Secretary) and Ioana Cozman (President).

The purpose of the Transylvania International Club is to preserve and promote the Christian values ​​of love, truth, justice, faith, freedom, hope. Then the civics: involvement, responsibility, professionalism, initiative, teamwork, performance, equality, respect for diversity, etc.

The Transylvania International Club President, Ioana Cozman tells us: We hope to attract a large number of young people to promote their ideas, initiatives and dreams and thus, to give rise to a current of thought.”

Details about the event, purpose, objectives and future actions can be found on the website:
Transylvania Club International Secretary

About Florin Ioan Bojor

teolog, filosof, traducator, jurnalist si politician roman. teólogo, filósofo, traductor, periodista y político rumano. theologian, philosopher, translator, journalist and politician Romanian.

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